Magnum Dynalab(매그넘) ST-2 FM안테나
상품코드 1509020760
판매가격 250,000원
적립금 2,200원
제조사 Magnum
원산지 U.S.A

매그넘 다이나랩의 FM 안테나 입니다.
뛰어난 수신을 원하신다면 적극추천드립니다.

ST-2 FM Antenna. A Vertical, Omnidirectional FM Antenna

Receives distant FM stations from all directions!

A more powerful FM Antenna than any single element dipole antenna, the ST-2 vertical is probably one of the best things ever to happen to FM listeners in urban and fringe reception areas alike.

Concentrating its reception "focus" only on the horizontal plane, the ST-2 is capable of getting more signal to your FM tuner with less "flutter" and "fading."

The ST-2 is also less susceptible to "multipath interference," due to its unique vertical polarization.

Right from its PH17-7 stainless steel whip through the gold-plated coil coupling to the stainless-steel encased, precision-wound loading coil, the ST-2 is built tough. Yet it passes the most fragile of FM signals to your FM tuner"s circuitry with the kind of strength sometimes found only with much larger, multi-element antennas.

Being a 1/2 wave design and not requiring a "ground plane" or counterpoise," it is equally at home mounted on a mast, a balcony, hanging in the window or from a tree. The ST-2 offers greatly enhanced FM tuning performance,and signal strength.

The ST-2 comes to you ready to install. It is 54 inches in length, and furnished with a stainless steel "L" mounting bracket for ease of installation both in and outdoors.

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