Raidho Acoustics
Raidho Acoustics(라이도) X-1
상품코드 1701150009
판매가격 7,250,000원
적립금 72,500원
제조사 Raidho Acoustics
원산지 Denmark


Raidho Acoustics’ newest speaker, the X-1, is an elegant and compact stand-mount mini monitor. 

The speaker is built with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter and a bass/mid-range driver with a ceramic membrane. 

The mid-range driver features our newly developed neodymium based magnet system, long throw and low compression.  

The loudspeaker is primarily designed for smaller rooms and can be placed relatively close to the rear wall. 

The X-1 is also ideal for studio work and near-field monitoring.

Size (WxHxD):   145 x 320 x 230 mm
Weight:   8 Kg
Freq. reponse   80 Hz – 50 KHz
Impendance:   >6 ohm
Sensitivity:   85 dB 2.83 V/m
Crossover:   3.5 kHz 1.5
Enclosure:   Vented design Port in front panel
Drive units:   1 sealed ribbon tweeter 1 100 mm ceramic driver
Finish:   Black piano and White piano
Amplification:   >50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)

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