JADIS(자디스) JA200 MKII (KT150 버전)
상품코드 1806180007
판매가격 48,000,000원
적립금 480,000원
원산지 France


자디스의 최상급 모노블럭 진공관 파워앰프인 JADIS JA200 MKII 입니다.

KT150 버전으로 채널당 200W (순A급 구동) 으로 AB클라스 기준으로 TR앰프 기준으로 1000W 이상의 구동력을 가지고 있는 파워앰프 입니다.

KT120 버전과 KT150 버전으로 KT120 기분 160W, KT150 버전은 200W 출력 입니다.


Type Monoblock pure class A power amplifier
Bias Automatic
Power 160 W
Bandwidth 20Hz to 30 kHz
Sensibility 1.2 V
Number of blocks 4
Tubes list POWER TUBES X 20 ECC82/12AU7 X 2 ECC83/12AX7 X 2
Dimensions 625 x 260 x 240 each block
Weight 125Kg
Consumption 440 W per channel


Based on the same general design as the JA80, this masterpiece of equipment offers the same sound quality with an unbelievable capability to drive the most difficult existing loads.

Capable of 160 watts per channel in pure Class A and 200W with the KT150, its unique power capability and dynamic behaviour are combined for the first time in vacuum-tube amplifier history, with the ultra low distortion and transparency of the best low-power exotic Class A designs.

Its low frequency performance is unequalled.  Built with the same standard as the now famous JA80, the JA200 shares its sound consistency and unmatched reliability year after year.

The output stage of the JA200 uses 10 KT88 on each mono amp.  For thermal dissipation reasons, the JA200 is built on four chassis : two amplifiers and two power supplies.   Each chassis is the size of a JA80 mono amp.

The JA200 will take you where very few have gone before; 160 watts of pure class A power. This four box set of ultimate musicality features two mono-block amplifiers each with its own separate power supply. Probably the last amp you'll ever buy...


The most important and obvious characteristic of this equipment is the sensation that more information is coming through from the source to my ears. And when I say "more information," I mean significantly more information, whether we're talking top-to-bottom frequency response, transient response, dynamics, image width/depth, low-level information retrieval, whatever. In addition to more information, it seems to me that I'm hearing better information in terms of its neutrality, transparency, timbre, instrumental color....
Darryl G. Lindberg


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