상품코드 1810050001
정상가 450,000원
판매가격 220,000원
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1개 가격 이며, 화이트 색상과 블랙 색상 선택 가능합니다. 

Traditional design of loudspeakers for these applications has either been large boxes that give full-range audio, but which are inherently less attractive or more visible, or sub-sat systems that use tiny satellite loudspeakers for mid/high frequencies and a subwoofer for mid/bass. The main problem with sub-sat systems in public spaces is that people are often listening close to thin sounding satellites with the mid/bass rumbling away in the distance, disconnected in bringing the critical mid-band together for audio quality.

With the MICROline we've designed the smallest possible loudspeakers to give high quality over a wide audio band so that, no matter where you are in the room, the sound from the main loudspeakers remains coherent and pleasing. For most applications no additional bass loudspeakers are required.

For applications requiring extended, higher level bass performance, such as an Audio-Visual system playing back film material, the MICROsub 3 can be used to augment the output of the MICROline and carefully tuned just to add extended bass and not confuse the mid-band.

With all of the MICROseries loudspeakers, aesthetics have been a prime consideration. This starts with the family look, which is softly shaped to merge into the environment. Secondly with the selection of materials, which have to be acoustically excellent but also provide for flexibility of design and quality of appearance. The MICROline uses aluminium extrusions with moulded aluminium end-caps. Grilles are micro-perf steel for acoustic transparency with durability.

Equally important for aesthetics, and speed and quality of installation, are the fixings and brackets. The MICROline has a unique and secure integral bracket, merging the design of loudspeaker and bracket. Only the bracket needs to be fixed and connected during first-fix. Fitting the loudspeaker, with pre-wired cable management through the bracket, is then done as required and the position locking screw is hidden behind the loudspeaker grille. A high degree of tilt and pan are catered for, allowing for wall or ceiling mounting with the required angle of coverage.





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